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Spirit mountain casino grand ronde or machine casino games The staff is great, they are very warm and welcoming like a big family.

Ask a question about working or interviewing at Spirit Mountain Casino. Our community is ready to answer. Great place to work. Spirit Mountain is a great place to work! The staff is great, they are very warm and welcoming like a big family. SMC has great career opportunity, and they're always looking for goal oriented people looking for career advice.

Was this review helpful? Spirit Mountain Casino is a good place to work. You have plenty of chance to grow and learn. From my experience depending on what department and position in the leadership you are the more you will enjoy or hate casinos gratuits job. The cleaner water is the water that the top enjoy and slower becomes darker on the way down.

Good Benefits, hard place to work, very high turn over in hourly waged jobs. I did not enjoy the job it was too regimented and controlling, huge amount of strict report writing. Customers are not typical for the entertainment business. Work Environment example cigarette smoking, some customers are hard grand ronde deal with and, spirit mountain, some positions under-paid.

Sub par, I 'm a hard and ambitious worker. I worked at Spirit Mountain Casino for many years. Some poeple are kind while the others stab you in the back. Great people good employer. I really loved working here, all of the employees are very friendly, and helped me whenever needed.

Everyone pulls there own weight and seemed sincere. It was always a fun friendly working environment, and I will miss being part of the family. Potentially a good place to work. Seems to need Management with more experience in the industry. Good and Bad decisions frequently ignored by people responsible. There must have been some good, I was there 7 years. All about profit, backstabbing coworkers. I have many years doing groundskeeping and was happy to get a job at Spirit Mountain Casino.

However, once the novelty wore off, it was obvious Spirit Mountain mgmt does not value hard work, honesty, and loyalty. I came to work every day casino scheduled, never called in sick grand ronde worked my honest day's work. Instead, I felt degraded by getting the starting low entrance pay, when I at fitzgeralds casino a raise, it was only on paper but was not reflected on the check, while my coworkers took extended breaks.

Management does not care what the weather is so we mow the grass even when it's raining, trim bushes and trees when it's snowing. The grand ronde is nice but lacks leadership skills to manage slackers like the coworker who smoke weed in the shop, take extended breaks and Spirit Mountain Casino loses good staff daily and needs to reorganize their management approach if they want to stay in business.

Those who can leave, quit the smart ones and those you are stuck, stay The best thing about the job is that I don't work there anymore one of the smart ones. Backstabbing coworkers, low pay, lack of management skills; pro-tribal workers, low morale. I like working in my department. The management follows the companies policies.

I work with a lot of good co-workers. The pay and benefits are the best I have ever had. As an employee of over a year, there were more than just a few times where the management would turn a blind eye to employee crimes mostly theft. If you are not of the tribe, you might as well be an outcast that they will bend the rules in order to remove you for any and all concerns you may have about what is going on there.

Wait staff are under-compensated for their work, Security is a joke, Tribal Police have a chip on their shoulder from lack of supervision, and Surveillance undermines their own employees just to get their supervisors ahead even when said supervisors break countless rules and regulations.

Very professional and well managed employment. I truly enjoyed working for this casino above all the others I have worked at. They have extremely good benefits package and family oriented atmosphere. Free lunches, life, medical and serious illness insurance, lenient absences policy. I really enjoyed driving a wide variety of vehicles, and tips were good. The job was different every day, so I was never bored.

Most of my fellow employees were easy to get along with. Lower level employees have little protection if leads or supervisors are abusive. Meals are included, can be a fun atmosphere. When I worked there it was no paid holidays they advertise paid holidays now.

Since the location is far education gambling supported for most employees the pay could be more to compensate. It was a fun experience just wasn't for me. Challenging and fun atmosphere!

I have met some of my closest friends through this establishment. Work environment is fun, relaxed, but also challenges for success. I enjoy the opportunity to learn and the open minds of management. Benefits are great, paid time off, free meals, as well as monthly employee perks.

Fun place to work. The people are great to work with. Not much room for advancement in the finance department. A lot of the employees have been there for years which is why there is not much room for advancement there is no turn over in the finance department. Great place good people good food and benefits ok time off request windows but can be pushy at times when it comes to management and asking for overtime. Difficult work space for entry level employees that provides good benefits. Spirit Mountain Casino is a fast paced environment that can be very physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding on the grand ronde that why gambling is bad for you there.

The only shining light for SMC is that they have an excellent benefits package. All in all Spirit Mountain Casino is not a bad place of an employment but is not recommended for those looking for just a job rather than a career. Best job I have had yet to date. If you want to learn something new, it's there. Want to move up on the corp. Policy is a little stiff, but it is watched over by the commission- nothing that is really difficult to work with.

Just a bit more paperwork is all. Always Changing - Enjoyable Company. Depending on your position within the casino, the opinion can range dramatically. If you are dependable and put forth the effort to be a good employee you will see success. Advancement can be tricky, due to a tribal preference - but overall you can move and continue building your skills after six months in the current position.

Non-Tribal members aren't a "target" like others review; it took me a year to move into my current position and that is a reasonable amount of time for any employer, tribal or not. A company this large can have a wide variety of management styles, but the ability to seek out other opportunities within the company means if you don't like something, make a change on your own or get involved more before you complain about everyone else.

A lot of part time positions do move into full time as people move positions or the needs of the company changes. Just be sure to put your desired shift, days off and want to be full time in as soon as you begin in your department. I also started part time and moved to full time a few months later. Was once the best place to work. This is a fast paced place to work. My cage co-workers are like family Grand ronde is failing to support this department.

Officials higher up the food chain are making decisions for the cage with little knowledge or care of how it will effect the department. The hardest part of the job were ever changing policies and procedures. Also over the past few months there is less care about the guests and more focused on making the tribe money.

The most enjoyable part of the job was dealing with the public and making lasting friendships. Claimed Profile Review this company. Want to know more about working here? Questions about Spirit Mountain Casino What is the interview process like? For jobs in Russia, visit ru.

Photo of Spirit Mountain Casino - Grand Ronde, OR, United States · Jen H. Photo of Spirit Mountain Casino - Grand Ronde, OR, United States by Jen H. Spirit Mountain Casino is a Native American casino located in Grand Ronde, Oregon, United States on Oregon Route It is operated by the Confederated. Spirit Mountain Casino, Grand Ronde: See reviews, articles, and 14 photos of Spirit Mountain Casino, ranked No.1 on TripAdvisor among 4 attractions in.

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