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Meskwaki indian casino tropicana treasures casino funbook It is more like an instituion run by abhorrent staff. Wanted to give you some good news about your employee. About Us Help Centre.

Buffet discount Sun-Thurs Special Features: Buffet discount for Players Club members. I have gambled off and on over the past 15 years at this casino. I have played thousands of times on the slots and have maybe won 3 payout jackpots. I have a players card but rarely use it. We stayed at the hotel once and will never stay again.

The noise level of the people next to our room was very loud. I called the front desk and they said they would check on it. They called back and said the noise was a exceptable level. It sounded like someone was beating on the walls.

We ate at the buffet once, the line was so long and we had to stand and wait 1 hr meskwaki indian casino an open table. The food was not that great! I gambled there frequently and the staff rarely came up to me and asked if I needed anything. We recently started going to Wild Rose in Jefferson, Ia and I have won 5 payout jackpots in the last five weeks. Even thou I have only been there five times many of the staff call me by name. Even thou I don't always use my players card they still ask me if there is anything I need.

Very, nice Casino unlike this one. I just wanted to let you know that I was at the Casino on Friday, July 1, I was getting ready to leave and due to an earlier injury, my leg gave out and I fell. I was immediately joined by EMT Anita. I have to tell you that she was absolutely great. Very kind and caring and even escorted me to the car to help me get in.

She was, what, I feel an EMT should be like. Wanted to give you some good news about your employee. I enjoy the casino very much and her actions just cemented my opinion indian casino your casino. Thank you very much Anita. I had a terrible time at Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel. Then I tried to play meskwaki indian casino table games. I sat at a blackjack table and hardly won any hands at all. Almost all of their table games have automatic machine shufflers.

You can't tell me those things shuffle the cards randomly. I can't see why anyone would continue to gamble at that place. The casino was full of secondhand smoke, meskwaki indian casino. I hate cigarette smoke! People kept lighting up at the slot machines and at the table games. I don't know if I can go back to Meskwaki again.

The food and the service in the "Food Arcade" is as bad as it gets! Don't eat here unless you have lots of money to burn on sub-cafateria food! And don't get me started on the staff! They could at least try to pretend they give a shit! Been coming here off and on for over 3 years. I've never won a cent! I keep coming back though! I'm their favorite kind of customer! This casino just recently stopped allowing bonus points on all video poker machines. The interesting thing is they aren't letting their customers know this up front.

Saw that marguritaville mohgan sun casino were adding up much slower than normal and asked some workers about it, meskwaki indian casino. They put their heads together and finally remembered they recently excluded video poker from point multipliers. When asked if they posted anything or let players know, they said "only if someone asks".

This place use to be pretty generous to their players but sadly is now becoming extremely greedy and taking away the good things that made them better. Time to find a new casino to play! I'm an avid gambler and I enjoy indian casino time I spend gambling. I love it when Meskwaki indian casino get the chance to win but I am also a reasonable person who understands r.

I say that because I think most people forget about obama plaza casino las vegas things when they hit a multiple trip indian casino streak. We have all been there and it sucks but it isn't always the casinos fault or tight slots sometimes it's just bad luck and therefore should not warrant a negative review.

Meskwaki is an amazing place with a great players club, a huge slot selection, 24 hour pool, multiple bars, a vast collection of table games, a solid bingo hall, and hundreds of affordable hotel rooms. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The security does a great job without making you feel unwelcome.

It's a great environment to relax and have some fun. This casino is by far the best in Iowa. The players club has 4 levels basic,gold,platinum,and elite. It only takes points to become a gold member and the benefits are amazing! The 24 hour pool is a big plus in my book. I am quite a night owl and being able to hit the pool at 4am after a late night of slots is such a luxury.

The buffet isn't anything to write home about and like most buffets some of the food is quite awful. They have a nice little cozy side room for betting on the horse races. It's a warm inviting space full of comfortable chairs and flat screen televisions. If bingo's your thing I'm sure you already know hands down the best hall in Iowa is at meskwaki.

With computers that play for you and more special games then you could shake a stick at with amazing value to boot 1 dollar for a dollar payout! On top of all that they offer a very fair payback on there slots, much better then riverside and the isle casino tuscany waterloo in my opinion.

Some people gamble for the wrong reasons and some people just meskwaki indian casino bad luck, but if you're out to have some fun and relax while you gamble you have top 10 gambling anime check out meskwaki! Keep an open mind and know when to quit! I shredded my players card today! This place has to have the worst slot payouts in Iowa.

Even for an Indian casino. I understand from a friend that they are trying to recover the cost of recent renovations from the slots. Whatever the reason you will not be happy here. Mesquaki has been my casino of choice for 2 years. They did pay some back on slots at first. It was fun at one time. The the Meskwaki security staff made it impossible to feel welcome and it felt like Indian casino was entering a prison instead of a casino, especially when they followed me throughout lobby for an unusual length of time.

I tried to enjoy my casino experience with a card game in the meskwaki room, but the floor person perpetuated the cold inhospitable prison like domain with his unfriendly commands when he directed me to my seat. I ignored his poor manners and went to play poker. When I was finished at the poker table, I made my way to the lounge in the inside the poker room.

To my surprise, I was integrated by a poker dealer proding at me as to why I was watching TV instead playing poker. Again, I ignored the staff's inhospitable customer service, and contiue to mind my own business. After Indian casino had my fill of unfriendly and inhospitable casino staff, I could not bear anymore and left. It is more like an instituion run by abhorrent staff. While waiting for my payout a machine technician walked up to my machine paused, said nothing to me and moved to the middle of the high stakes room and stood there.

I received my payout and moved to a different machine, inserted my money and the first play on max credits the machine tilted. I waited for the attendant to reset the machine removed my money and went to another machine, meskwaki indian casino. I did notice the machine tech was still in the room at a location that he could still observe my play.

I inserted my money in a different machine, first pull and the machine tilted again. I was very surprised that the machine tech did not come over to check out the machine, he indian casino in the middle of the room and let the attendant reset the machine. This happened to me on the third machine without the tech talking to me at all.

I decided to leave the casino and I don't want to return to this casino again. My husband and I just returned from a trip to Mesquaki The slot return is absolutely awful. We had to have our suitcases out of the room by meskwaki indian casino

Meskwaki offers pure relaxation and unmatched value. Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel in Tama, Iowa. Complete casino information including address, telephone number, map, gaming tables, slot machines. Detailed information on Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel in Tama, Iowa. you had stayed small you are like the indian casinos in minnesota now big and empty.

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